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The Top 7 Angry Birds Hints & Tips To Help You With Your Frustration

Even though I love computer games, there's a very good reason why I'm not keen on trying on new games. It's because I love games too much that it's hard for me to stop once I start playing. That's why I try my best to resist every temptation that comes my way. But if there's a game that can lure me to start playing, it would be Angry Birds.


PlainText: A Text Editor With a Dropbox Synchronization Feature [iOS]

If you are the kind of person who edits your documents on the go, then you need two things to accomplish your task. The first is a device that will allow you to access your documents wherever you are, and the second is a text editor which can make sure that your documents will be accessible everywhere you go.


4 Ways To Use The iPad To Enhance The Use Of Your Personal Computer

Many people separate the personal computer and the iPad into two different worlds - the PC is for work and the iPad is for fun. But I think both devices don't have to be on opposite sides. They can work together harmoniously. If you want to use your iPad alongside your PC, here are four ways to use the iPad to enhance the use of your personal computer.

7 Tips to Survive Your Move to a Smaller Solid State Drive

If you keep yourself updated with stories from the tech world, you will know that Solid State Drives are the future when it comes to storage drives in personal computers - especially in the mobile computing arena. SSD allows PC manufacturers to build much faster and more energy-efficient machines. But can we survive living with SSD's minuscule capacity?


How To Compile Your Holiday Videos Into A Cool Movie Trailer With iMovie [Mac]

You have lots of short videos from your weekend vacation and you want to compile and share the clips. But you have barely had the time to do it. What can you do? Well, if you are a Mac user, you can quickly compile your holiday clips into a movie trailer using iMovie and share the trailer as a 'teaser' with your friends.


How to Create a Simple Personal Landing Page Using Adobe Muse

There's two main stages involved in the website design process. The first is designing the look of the pages and the second is translating the design into the the webpages. The first stage requires design skill while the second stage needs coding expertise. For those who have better eyes for design (and no interest in coding), there's Muse from Adobe.


7 Ways to Use the iPad to Help Students Excel at School

We are approaching the era where students don't have to carry stacks of thick heavy books to school anymore. Everything will be digitized and available at the tip of students' fingers, inside the iPad. Not wanting to waste any more time, some schools have already adopted the iPad as their learning tool, while students and educators are slowly figuring out the best way to utilize the iPad for education.


The Free & Easy Way To Customize Your Jailbroken iOS Lockscreen [How To]

While iOS can be customized, some elements of the UI come with minimal customization options, one example being the iOS lockscreen. The only official personalization you can do to it is change the background image. If you have a jailbroken iOS device and you want to customize your lockscreen, there are countless ways to do it. This is one of them.


Creating Fun & Simple Screencasts Using ScreenChomp [iPad]

Most people would agree that video instructions are easier to understand than plain written words. That's why YouTube is chocked full with how-to videos. But making instructional videos is not everybody's cup of tea as the process is hard and time-consuming. TechSmith - the maker of Jing - has tried to solve the problem by releasing an iPad app called ScreenChomp.


Merge Google+, Facebook & Twitter With The Help Of G++ [Chrome & Firefox]

While most people are busy comparing Google+ with Facebook, and trying to figure out which one they should choose and use, there are those who have built tools to combine all of these social networks together and have the best of all worlds. One of these tools is G++, a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox which will help you put your Facebook and Twitter stream into your Google+ interface.


Three Useful Safari Startup Tricks That You Might Not Be Familiar With

One of the popular names in the browser world is Safari. It's the default browser for Mac, so it's only logical that Safari is widely used in the Mac community. But even in the Windows realm, where Safari is not the number one choice, it still one of the top alternatives. If you are a Safari user, or have plans to try it, here are three useful Safari startup tricks that you might not be familiar with.


Add Style & Interactivity To Your Google Reader With NewsSquares [Chrome]

One of the most well-known names in the realm of online RSS clients is Google Reader. Even though the service has gradually improved its interface, it's still just lists of texts. If you are a Google Reader user who wishes to try a different interface, you might want to try NewsSquares, a Chrome extension which will add style and interactivity.


CoRD - A Remote Desktop Client To Manage Your Windows PCs [Mac]

Most computer users now work with several computers from several different locations. So it's only natural that there are times when we need to access one computer from another. This is where remote desktop applications play their role. Today we are going to look at CoRD - an open-source remote desktop client for the Mac.


TEncoder: Open Source Multi-threaded Video Encoder [Windows]

There are too many video formats out there that you don't need to be an avid video lover to need a dedicated video encoder. If you are still looking for a good video converter, you might want to try TEncoder. This is an open source multi-threaded video encoders that would also help you hard code subtitles into the converted movies.


3 Methods To Host Your Wordpress Blog Images On An External Server

One of the biggest burdens of any website are the images. So it's only logical that you can lighten the load of your sites - and make them faster - by hosting the images on a speedier external server. Today, we are going to look at some free alternatives to host your Wordpress blog images on external servers.

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